Store Guidelines

A consistent and great experience when shopping on is key to the success of the brands listed on our platform. Therefore we have a store guideline that all brands must adhere to. This document states the basic level of services that you must provide to have your items listed on our platform.

While we’ve outlined the basics here, we do encourage offering great products, communication, reliable shipping, and returns.

Standard Customer Service:


For all items

  • Ready to wear items, must be physically owned. Stock quantity and condition listed on BulbFashion must be consistent with what customers get. Your stock levels must be updated when there are changes
  • Bespoke or custom items must be shipped and delivered within the timeframe stated in the item description
  • All branded stock must be genuine, and as described


Prompt shipping important for a great customer experience

  • We require orders to be shipped within two working days following payment (public holidays are not counted as working days), also accounting for Covid-19 restrictions. unless the following exceptional circumstances apply:
    • a longer wait time clearly mentioned in the item description.
    • the item purchased includes bespoke items; or
    • the buyer fails to meet the terms of your Boutique’s listing such as not providing accurate additional requirements regarding an order.
  • Bespoke items should be shipped within the timeframe you’ve given your customers, remember to clearly display “Made to order, Pre-order, or Bespoke” in the description section of any custom item
  • A shipping note should be included in the parcel
  • Shipping estimates must be realistic
  • Send customers a shipping confirmation including when the parcel was posted and a tracking number to [email protected]
  • Including marketing materials in packaging is currently not allowed.


Prompt replies to customers are essential

  • If a customer has not yet placed an order but has sent you a message, a timely response is recommended to maximize conversion into a sale
  • Consistent and great customer experience is one of our key values. Should there be any issue with fulfilling orders, please let us know as soon as possible, preferably within 1 working/business day (public/bank holidays are not considered as working days).


Processing returns for refund or exchange

  • Refunds or exchanges must be processed within two working days following receipt of returned goods (public holidays are not counted as working days)
  • Remember to include a shipping note with exchanges
  • Depending on the nature of the return (unwanted, wrong item, not as described, faulty), you may need to refund original postage charges and additional return postage charges
  • See Bulb Fashion’s Returns Policies for more information


Processing refunds

  • Returns are part of doing business online. While you are not obliged to accept returns, it is usually better to accept a return
  • This increases the chance of repeat custom and positive feedback rather than leaving a disgruntled customer who may open a dispute and/or leave negative feedback

Refund suggestions

  • Unwanted or unsuitable items
    • Full item cost (it is optional to also refund the shipping fee)
    • Full item cost and standard shipping fee if returned under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (it’s optional to include the full shipping fee)
  • Faulty items and items significantly different from the description
    • Full item cost plus original shipping fee and return shipping fee


Items you cannot list:

Animal welfare

  • Endangered species: materials derived from vulnerable or endangered species
  • Fur: real fur or pelts must not be used in products sold through any of Bulb Fashion’s websites
  • Angora and other rabbit hair
  • Feathers and down: feathers and down must not be used in products, nor as a background or photoshoot accessory
  • Bone, shell, horn, and teeth
  • Pearl and mother of pearl
  • Real silk (ensure faux silk is described as such)
  • Animal imagery: sensitive to animals and their environment
  • Anything described as vegan
  • Read our full Animal Welfare Policy

Offensive text & imagery

  • Drugs: illegal drugs, drug lords, glamorizing drugs in any form
  • Guns, weapons, and violence: in any form (unless fantasy/cartoon)
  • Cigarettes and alcohol: content that promotes unhealthy behavior
  • Mental health: designs or slogans that trivialize mental health issues
  • Body image: designs or slogans that promote body shaming
  • Religion: defacing or making fun of religious leaders, festivals or leaders/gods/deities or religious symbols
  • Race and culture: designs or slogans that could cause offense to people of different races or cultures

Copyright infringements

Additional information:


The price and descriptions stated in each item listing must be an accurate representation of the sale.

Item prices on Bulb Fashion may be altered at any time and may be increased by no more than 20% for marketing purposes. However, our prices will not devalue your brand.

Shipping cost must be included in the final item price. Should shipping costs change, please inform us as soon as possible: [email protected]

The placement of items for sale on BULB FASHION search results may vary and depends on a variety of factors including search parameters and preferences. For further information on rankings.


We reserve the right to delist your items & store them if it comes to our attention that your items do not meet our quality standards.