How a Small Change in the Clothes We Wear Can Make a Big Difference for the Planet

Introduction: What is Fast Fashion? And How Does It Harm the Environment

We all know about fast fashion. It is an industry that produces and sells clothing, with the aim of moving the production cycle as quickly as possible. Fast fashion companies compete by offering new styles and products to consumers at a more affordable price.

One of the reasons why fast fashion has become so popular is because it often offers a lower price point, which makes it cheaper for customers to purchase more clothes compared to purchasing from more expensive brands.

Fast Fashion also has a negative effect on the environment because the production process requires a lot of resources and energy from non-renewable sources.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Less Clothes

Clothing shopping has never been more fun than it is today. There are so many options available to you, all readily available on your smartphone. This new era of shopping has created an interesting conundrum for the average shopper: do I buy more clothes or buy less?

The answer to that question is not as clear-cut as one might think. Less clothes buying means less trips to the mall, which eliminates unnecessary spending and environmental damage caused by transportation. But less clothes shopping also means having fewer choices in overall wardrobe, which can be limiting depending on an individual’s personal style or lifestyle.

2 Easy Ways to Change Your Daily Habits to Have a Minimalist Wardrobe

We often wear clothes because of social norms, not because we need to. For example, the most common article of clothing in North America is jeans. Ninety-seven percent of people aged 18-65 wear jeans every day or almost every day according to a recent study by Levi’s. That’s a lot! And yet, how many people really need to wear them on any given day?

Just looking at the number of clothes you have in your closet can give you an idea about how much clutter is taking over your life. Minimalism is not only about what you wear but it’s also about what you buy, how often you clean, and how much time you spend on getting ready every morning.

1. We should all start by purging our closets. Take a photo of everything that’s in there and then put it away somewhere else for a while. It’s amazing how quickly we forget what we even own when we’re not seeing it every day!

2. Spend less money on clothes so that we can spend more on experiences or other things that are important to us right now instead of filling up our closets or our bank accounts with things that may or may not want.

4 Tips to Shop Sustainable Clothing Without Breaking your Budget

Buying sustainable clothing is a commitment and can be really expensive. But, with these 4 tips, you’ll be able to shop for sustainable clothes without breaking your budget!

1. Know Your Body Type: You want to buy clothing that will make you feel good about yourself and look good in the mirror. Don’t forget to know your body type and fit when buying sustainable clothes!

2. Know Your Budget: There are many brands that offer cheaper options for sustainable clothing options. You just have to know where to find them!

3. Shop Online: This is a great way to find cheaper prices on sustainable brands and products than in-store

4. Buy Local: Supporting the local community helps keep jobs in your area which in turn helps keep prices lower


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