Meet The Designer: Kate Barton


Kate Barton is an emerging American fashion designer advancing unique approaches to evening wear, with a concentration on creating womenswear that is both sculptural and innovative while still being wearable and empowering. Kate’s mission aims to advocate for causes that will lead to positive change in the world. She focuses on innovation through two techniques, acrylic thermoforming and a sustainable geometric cutting method, blending elegance and sophistication while exposing modern, bold details. The silhouettes and unconventional material combinations used in her collections continually push the exploration of 3-dimensional shapes while infusing contrasting elements to create emphasis and detail. Kate feels it’s important to have a balance between creating art and making the person feel beautiful in the garment.

Here are some questions Kate answered in our ‘Meet The Designer’ Q&A.

1. How would you describe your brand aesthetic?

My brand is advancing unique approaches to evening wear. With a focus on creating womenswear that is both sculptural and innovative while still being wearable and empowering, my mission aims to advocate for causes that will lead to positive change in the world. Blending cool elegance with an innovative, modern point of view.

2. What is your first fashion memory?

Back to school shopping right before the beginning of the school year…I remember being so excited to go to the mall and get to pick out clothes from Limited Too or Abercrombie and loved getting to style my new outfit for the first day of school.

3. Where do you look for inspiration?

I am oftentimes inspired by three-dimensional shapes, sculptural art, and contrasting viewpoints. With that being said, I most recently have used my collections to bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis, in honor of my friend Claire, who passed away last year from the disease. Being able to give my garments more purpose than just the clothing itself made me realize where my true inspiration lies, and that is striving to make a positive change through my designs. In addition, my experience traveling all over the world and understanding different cultures and human perspectives have also played an influential role.

4. As a designer what has been your biggest challenge to date?

My biggest challenge as a designer has been the process of launching my brand. Having to juggle the business and marketing side of the brand on top of the creative side can be a lot at once. Starting a company comes with trial and error, but now that I have moved back to NYC I’m hopeful I can begin networking to find the right people to connect with and join my team.

5. What is your typical creative process?

My creative process is very hands-on with an experimental approach. Innovation is a huge part of my process and I always start with draping to ensure I am creating something that is 100% authentic and unique.

6. What do you think consumers of fashion need to be made more aware of?

I feel that my responsibility as a designer is to create a larger meaning beyond just the clothing itself. I plan to continue using my brand as a platform to advocate for causes that will lead to positive change in the world. I aspire to continue building a brand that gives back to organizations in need and focuses on not only promoting awareness but really making a change within a community.

7. What do you love designing the most?

Evening wear/gowns

8. How do you select your materials and fabric?

A huge part of my design process that makes me the most excited is exploring unconventional materials and shapes as I am continually experimenting with new innovative approaches, as well as creating sustainable methods not conventionally used in the fashion industry. Fabrics and materials that drape well as often my go-to.

9. What part does sustainability play in your work?

I’ve created a geometric cutting technique to develop drapes without the use of seams or darts. More importantly, I am able to create maximum volume and structure without layers of gathered fabric. This method is a sustainable solution to creating voluminous, extravagant evening wear with little waste.

10. What is your ultimate design goal?

My ultimate dream would be to design a couture gown for the Met Gala!

11. What do you think the future will bring to fashion?

Hopefully more purpose and sustainable methods through advancements in technology and consistent advocating on these dire issues.

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