Possible future fabric focus ideas: Kente, Aguayo, Aso Oke

Kente, Aguayo and Aso Oke styles are becoming the latest trend since it has grown common to see celebs rolling these gorgeous fabrics on the red carpet.


One cannot talk about popular heritage African fabrics without mentioning Ghana Kente fabrics.

Let’s take a look back at history first, Kente styles were first rocked by Ghanaian royalties to show wealth. But now this traditional fabric has spread its roots and has been able to catch the eyes and hearts of the whole world.
This fabric has prominent designs and can be worn and styled in so many ways for both men and women such as shirts, jumpsuits, palazzos or ball gowns.

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Aguayo is a textile piece from the Andes with lots of color and tradition. If you have ever been to Peru, Chile, Bolivia or Argentina you surely must have seen a lot women using colorful Aguayo fabric, which is a rectangular piece of colored wool. Women wear these as clothes, to carry things and for blankets as well.

Aguayo can be made in various colors and patterns, but each color has a special meaning. These colors can tell the region where the fabric came from. This stunning fabric always stands out in the crowd and compliments every skin tone.

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Aso oke

Aso oke is an intricately woven cloth used for ceremonial garments. It is the traditional wear of the Yoruba tribe who originate from the south-west of Nigeria. The Yoruba tribe is the second largest tribe in Nigeria and Aso oke is often worn by them as a celebration cloth on special occasions, such as weddings and other important events.
Aso oke cloth has beautiful elaborate patterns that are made from dyed strands of fabric that is woven into strips of cloth. Despite having a traditional history, Aso oke is very popular is the fashion world and has numerous styles that can make you swoon.

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