The Future of Fashion: How Can I Become a Trend Setter?

Introduction: What is the Definition and Meaning of “Trend-Setting”?

Trend-setting beings from the word ‘trend’ meaning the dominant fashion style in a particular period, and was first used to describe people who have an ability to affect change in society with their style.

Trendsetters are those who are at the forefront of trends and appear to lead others in their industry. They might not necessarily be the first person to introduce a new look but they tend to keep an eye out for what is coming up next.

The Differences Between Trendsetting & Copycatting

“Copycatting” is a term that is used to describe the act of replicating a certain style, design, or function of something. It’s typically done in order to capitalize on the original version’s success.

One of the best examples of copycatting can be found in the fashion industry. Some companies will take the idea and replicate it without any alteration. This usually happens when one company has invested a lot in promoting its product and another company wants to capitalize on its success without investing any money into advertising its own product.

How to Become a Trendsetter in Fashion?

Some possible ways to become a trendsetter are:

– Having people take photos of you wearing different styles and posting them to your social media accounts. This way, you have people following your style and keeping up with the latest trends that you’re setting.

– Creating your own clothing line or brand. This way, you have full creative control over what will be sold at stores and what styles will be popular among peers.

– Becoming a fashion blogger or influencer on social media, so companies are more willing to have you try out their clothes for sponsored posts or promotions.

Conclusion: Advice for Applying Trends to Your Personal Style & Wardrobe

In conclusion, these style and wardrobe trends can be combined to find a style that is unique to you. When you feel most confident, it is easier for you to project a strong image.


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