Ways to wear stripes.

Stripes! They are supposed to be trending this season but frankly, I never knew when they weren’t trending. There’s something about stripes that makes you feel good because they are filed under forever favorites. Stripes are a staple that will never go out of style; I call it the “neutral” of the print world because it goes with anything and everything.  You can pair stripes with denim, leather, khaki, prints, patterns and the list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless with this wardrobe power player.

Keep on reading for some stri-pey inspiration…

  1. How to stripe it up- basics

One of the basic and probably the easiest way of wearing stripes is to pair a striped tee or a striped blouse with a pair of jeans. Pro tip: wear a mom jean underneath and tuck your striped tee to make a statement.

  • How to stripe it up- toning your look

Stripes can sometimes look overpowering so it’s a good idea to wear a striped blouse with simple black or white pants; you cannot go wrong with this classic method because the stripes have already become a visual. Pro tip if you’re on the heavier side, wear a high waist pant with a striped top to tone everything down.

  • How to stripe it up- be versatile

Stripe dresses? A big yes! Pick your favorite dress with stripes, wear stockings underneath, grab a pair of boots and a plain jumper and get ready to roll. This dress is super flexible and can serve for different occasions. You can add a belt to take the outfit up a notch. Pro tip replace the boots with stilettos for an extra oomph!

  • How to stripe it up- accessorize!!

If you want your plain stripes to stand out add accessories to have a different look when wearing them. Belts, scarves, statement necklace, vests, and ties, the options come without a limit.

Pro tip for more emphasis add accessories that are bright it color to the top section and keep the bottom neutral.


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