Ways to wear wax prints.

African fabric is gaining a huge amount of popularity in the production of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Wax print is making a wave in the fashion industry proving itself to be a fascinating breakthrough which showcases how spirited and exciting this print is.  By the way, did you guys know that African wax print is known as Ankara in West Africa was actually produced in Indonesia for the very first time? West African soldiers that were serving in Indonesia in the 1800’s started to import the fabrics into Africa. Later on, traders from Europe replicated these prints use modern machinery. Wax prints are associated with African culture because of the beautiful motifs and tribal patterns; each design reflects tradition and can make you stand out in the crowd.

If you’re looking to experiment with contemporary styles, here are some modern ways to wear African prints that will make you stand out.

A maxi dress

Sweet, edgy and playful, there is nothing better than wearing a wax print maxi dress, it is so versatile that it can be worn to work, date nights, movies, special events, weddings and baby showers. It can be paired with boots, heels, wedges, sneakers and even stylish ballet flats. 

Image courtesy pintrest (for reference) source

A mini dress

Bare those gorgeous legs in an ultra chic wax print dress. This dress will do the talking for you because it is fun, flirty and sexy!

Image courtesy pintrest (for reference) source

An off shoulder ruffles dress

Off shoulders and ruffles wax print dresses are all the rave this season. This is one of the many reason I love wax prints because there are plenty of ways a simple print can be transformed in to endless exquisite outfits. Ruffles are perfect for those who want their figure to appear slender.

Image courtesy pintrest (for reference) source

A jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are so easy to carry and look stunning; they are a modern and stylish alternative to the traditional dress or skirt.  Weather you prefer subtle patterns or bold colors, your wax print jumpsuit will be noticed by all!

Image courtesy pintrest (for reference) source


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