Meet the designer: FRANCESCA MARCHISIO

Francesca Marchisio is an Italian designer and owner of an atelier in Reggio Emilia. In 2018 she launched Francesca Marchisio’s brand with the aim of transforming clothes into timeless objects with functionality and expertly worked materials. Francesca combines ready-to-wear fashion with the industrial design method to create authentic objects.Francesca is graduated at Marangoni Institute of Milan. She won the MaxMara Award at Riccione Moda Italia in 2001 and started to work as a fashion designer for the group. She also won the award Next Generation launched by the Milano Fashion Council in 2007 and presented her collection at Milano Fashion Week FW08. She opened her own atelier in 2010 and created Sacaporter, a project inspired by traveling and transformation.

“I want to feel free to research different ways to make fashion.”


Transformation is also essential for her brand name Francesca Marchisio. It combines design, aesthetics and Italian manufacture.

Constant research also distinguishes Francesca Marchisio’s business as a fashion consultant for brands and individuals. Reversible coats, sustainable fabrics and a real made in Italy are her tools to create objects to wear for a long time.



1. How would you describe your brand aesthetic?


The inner design is functional to the outer.
A dress is a matter of balance, an ever-changing object able to define different point of views, to let someone feel good and to represent every nuance of a person’s character.


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2. What is your first fashion memory?


As a child I loved touching all fabrics when I accompanied my grandmother to the tailor’s shop.
It was funny combining colours, taking measurements …


3. Where do you look for inspiration?


I let myself be inspired by what I need or wish.
I always start from an abstract concept, a thought shared by a book, a work of art, a film, a music.
There are many pieces that I try to combine in the project of reversible garments.


4. As a designer what has been your biggest challenge to date?


The biggest challenge is today 2022: the post covid era is and will be totally different from the past, we have to define new rules, more human.


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5. What is your typical creative process?


Feeling a concept.
AT the beginning it is my brain to starts: studying a lot, getting informed about contemporary fashion and movement of fashion…
Then starts my heart, so I create a collection following my instinct.


6. What do you think consumers of fashion need to be made more aware of?


Of course! Fashion has always been a human need to communicate and live together.
people need to be conscious when choosing a dress, not just follow someone and be passively influenced.


7. What do you love designing the most?


I love to find a balance between different things to find “solutions”.
For this reason I love experimenting with reversible coats and, recently, creating up-cycled clothes from waste fabrics to support a circular process with low environmental impact.


8. How do you select your materials and fabric?


All from qualified Italian suppliers, medium-small factories that deals with ethical process in production.


9. What part does sustainability play in your work?


Sustainability is a way to work, it is education and culture… a life style.



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10. What is your ultimate design goal?


I would reach final customers to create a new way to suggest fashion, customized and more involving in common ideals, a constant dialog.


11. What do you think the future will bring to fashion?


this time it’s not easy for fashion, but I like to think that the future will bring new possibilities for independent fashion brands, rewarding authenticity and consistency in fashion world.

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