Meet the Designer: Julien Alexandre Esteves

Julien Alexandre Esteves is French born, and after studying and working in London for more than five years, the designer is currently based in Romania, working inside a knitwear factory itself, allowing him to develop new techniques alongside the knitwear programmers,  and have a complete vision of all the process of manufacturing. 


Julien Alexandre Esteves or JEB is a luxury  brand created for those who seek quality and sustainability, for those fashion-aware people that form part of a generation with strong values and aesthetic requirements . JEB emphasises in high quality Knitwear, striving to innovate in every collection, and vibrant woven pieces to paint a real life mood board. 

All our garments are ethically manufactured, in the audited and beautiful factory AUGSBURG S.R.L., and we use only natural and plant based yarns. 

Every season of Julien Alexandre Esteves (JEB) will carry a strong mood and new ways of working whilst being ethical and sustainable.


1. How would you describe your brand aesthetic?


Ethical, sustainable and vegan


2. What is your first fashion memory?


I’ve always dressed everyone around me


3. Where do you look for inspiration?


Nature for fashion inspiration


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4. As a designer what has been your biggest challenge to date?




5. What is your typical creative process?


Thought, writing, drawing, story building, feelings, collection


6. What do you think consumers of fashion need to be made more aware of?


Origins, where garments come from. It’s not about the country, it’s about how it’s done. Ethical, everyone should be paid a fair wage


7. What do you love designing the most?


Head to toes outfits


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8. How do you select your materials and fabric?


Ethical and vegan


9. What part does sustainability play in your work?




10. What is your ultimate design goal?


Having people love the brand without it being branded as a “sustainable” or “vegan”, but still
Respecting both essential aspects.


11. What do you think the future will bring to fashion?


I hope it will bring political awareness and won’t judge. Fashion is about expressing feelings, not stopping to whatever. Get out there and get your shit together so the world can see what you’re up to, cause in most of the cases, they got no clue


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