Fallen Leaves = Leather: Karuna Dawn launches new range of vegan leather…and it’s not plastic!

Karuna Dawn was born out a deep belief that our shared compassion can inspire positive change.  

Her brand is rooted in the notion that we are all woven from the same thread and connected to one another.


Frustrated by a gap in the market for high-quality, socially conscious, ethical, cruelty-free, vegan bags, we embarked on a passionate journey to fill this gap and offer beautifully handcrafted products that are unique, stylish and meaningful.


Vegan leather continues to grow in popularity as consumers turn away from traditional leather and its cruel treatment of animals. 

The production of most vegan leather uses PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or PU (Polyurethane), and both are by-products of petroleum and made from plastic polymers. 

An Australian ethical brand, Karuna Dawn, is taking vegan leather to the next level. They are showing the industry and consumers that vegan doesn’t have to mean plastic.  

Karuna Dawn has launched a new capsule range of handcrafted products made from fallen leaves. 

The manufacturing process of creating leaf leather is a traditional handmade craft. 

The process starts with collecting fallen teak leaves. They are soaked in water, dyed, and arranged flat together to dry.

Whilst drying, the leaves bond together, providing a large sheet of leaf material. Cotton fabric is stitched to the leaf layer because this provides a soft interior backing and structure, ready to be sewn into various products.

Founder and Creative Directory of Karuna Dawn, Sridevi Blair, stated, “We’re excited to be working with our ethical partner in Thailand. They share our passion for environmentally sustainable materials and vegan principles. Our partner works with rural people, providing employment and opportunity to these communities.


Using leaves from forests carries with it the natural energy of nature. 

When you choose plant-based materials, you are choosing compassion over cruelty.  

We want to show that sustainable and ethical fashion isn’t expensive and exclusive. It is a choice that everyone can make, and we are determined to ensure our products are conscious, compassionate, and affordable.”.

The future of fashion is sustainable.  

Every part of the supply chain needs to be transparent and ethical. This is the only way to build conscious fashion. Karuna Dawn’s business principles are leading the way and will become the new norm.

Sridevi further states, “…. innovation and creativity are key in conscious fashion. We should no longer look to plastic for our products when so many new and wonderful materials exist. We need to think outside the box and think holistically”.

Karuna Dawn’s leaf leather range is available now on their website. www.karunadawn.com.au/shop

About Us.

Experience beautifully hand crafted, unique handbags designed with compassion towards people, animals and the environment. 

Discover our ethical range of bags that have provided employment and opportunity to those vulnerable and marginalised in our society.

Karuna Dawn is rooted in the belief that our shared compassion can transform lives and create positive impact. 

Join us in our journey in creating a conscious, compassionate world.


Our Purpose

To create unique, high quality, ethically made, sustainable, vegan & cruelty free products for Consumers who want to make a difference

Our Mission

To transform and uplift as many lives as possible. Breaking cycles of poverty through education, training, employment and opportunity


We Are

A brand that ticks all the boxes. When you purchase Karuna Dawn, you can be 100% confident it is:

Vegan & Cruelty Free

     Ethically made

     Products are manufactured in fair trade environments

     Use of sustainable materials

     Drives social impact & social change

Every purchase empowers & supports women, marginalised and vulnerable people and helps to transform lives.


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