Meet the Designer: Patrice Morgan

Patrice Morgan studied Accessory Design FdA at the London College of Fashion (LCF) in 2012; after graduating, she decided to set up her own brand, and her high-end leather brand Bermuda born was, well, born! The island of Bermuda, where Patrice has spent much of her life, is a constant source of inspiration for her, and it’s where all her bags and purses are designed

Her handbags and small leather accessories can be described as luxurious, yet practical and durable. Bermuda Born leather goods were designed to serve a purpose for every occasion whether it be work, vacation, weddings and parties or day-to-day activities.

Bermuda Born leather handbags are a timeless, resort-inspired staple in the buyer’s fashion-forward wardrobe. The six debut designer handbags in the collection are named after well-known locations throughout the island of Bermuda.

1. How would you describe your brand aesthetic?

My brand aesthetic is usage of bright colours but with a mix of sport and classic styles. I believe that style should not be taken too seriously.

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2. What is your first fashion memory?

In my early teens learning to sew on my mom’s sewing machine and then enrolling in a community course and really falling in love with the design and creation process

3. Where do you look for inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the colourful landscapes, culture and people of Bermuda.

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4. As a designer what has been your biggest challenge to date?


5. What is your typical creative process?

The process involves researching innovative leather styles and colours and then I create a mood board to determine the direction we should go each season. Always keeping in mind how I want the customer to use our handbags. I like to design with a purpose in mind.

6. What do you think consumers of fashion need to be made more aware of?

They need to know how their products were made and not to get caught up on too many trends. I want them to do their research and really invest in a brand, to make sure they support brands that treat their employees and the earth kindly and fairly.

7. What do you love designing the most?

I love designing handbags and clutches the most. Next would be dresses.

8. How do you select your materials and fabric?

I ask many factories to send me samples and I also factor in colour trends for the year and also what’s happening in the world and the mood going on around us. I design for one’s lifestyle for each time period.

9. What part does sustainability play in your work?

When it comes to sustainability, Bermuda Born products are produced in limited quantities in Portugal by a small family of skilled leather craftswomen. They are paid fairly and we get to know who they are. We also use leathers in their entirety. We tend to use limited quantities and often make use of leathers that have been left in stock from other designers, so that we aren’t always re-ordering and then wasting what we don’t need.

10. What is your ultimate design goal?

To continue to expand our line by offering more styles and colour options. Then to grow the business, increase our online sales and be stocked in a few international retail shops. One day we would like to have a flagship retail shop in Bermuda!

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11. What do you think the future will bring to fashion?

I think future fashion will become more digital, that online ordering will be second nature. I also think traditional fashion marketing techniques such as runway shows, will fade away and a new era of doing things will occur.

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