Revealed: 87% say it’s important but why aren’t more consumers embracing sustainable fashion?

Sustainable is the way to go.

The global fashion industry provides jobs for millions of people worldwide, yet it has devastated the environment, animals, and people. Many workers don’t get paid a living wage. They work in horrendous conditions, and child labour is common in this industry. 


The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global industrial water pollution and contributes up to 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions.


A 2021 Australian Ethical Consumer Report stated that: 


  • 73% agree ethical fashion is essential; and
  • 87% reported they want to change their habits to consume more ethically.


However, only 46% said they buy from ethical and sustainable brands.



So why aren’t more of us choosing to do better for people and the planet? 


The report further revealed that two key factors are stopping people from embracing sustainable fashion:


  1. A perception that it’s expensive; and
  2. They don’t have enough information.


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Sridevi Blair, the founder of ethical fashion handbag business, Karuna Dawn, believes it’s all about consumer understanding.


“Awareness and transparency are key to winning the hearts and minds of consumers, and as Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better”, and that’s the same for fashion. It’s not a case that we need more information; it’s the ability to have this information in a relatable, relational, and relevant format. People need to be able to see themselves in the content that’s being produced”.


Australian label Karuna Dawn challenges the perception that sustainable and ethical fashion is expensive. 


“We’re excited to create products made from sustainable or up-cycled materials. Our products are vegan, cruelty-free and ethically made. They empower women and artisans and forward the slow fashion movement. I’m proud to support our ethical manufacturers who provide employment and opportunity to those in need”.


On price, Ms Blair said, “Compared to other products, our prices are affordable. It’s more a perception than a reality that ethically sourced and produced products come at a high cost”.





Karuna Dawn’s 2022 collection of leather accessories is handcrafted from fallen leaves to product leaf leather. 


“Leaf leather captures the beauty of nature. The process of making leaf leather uses traditional artistry from Thailand. Each product maintains the leaf patterns and lines, making each piece unique. Prices for wallets and purses start from $49 – much cheaper than traditional leather,” said Ms Blair. 





We can close the gap between customer intention and action if we address the two factors above.


Start-up Australian brands, such as Karuna Dawn are leading the way by building consumer awareness and creating affordable, sustainable fashion.


The future of fashion is sustainable, where every link in the supply chain needs to be transparent and ethical. This is the only way to build conscious fashion. 


Karuna Dawn’s business principles are leading the way and will become the new norm. 


About Us.


Experience beautifully hand crafted, unique handbags designed with compassion towards people, animals and the environment. 


Discover our ethical range of bags that have provided employment and opportunity to those vulnerable and marginalised in our society.


Karuna Dawn is rooted in the belief that our shared compassion can transform lives and create positive impact. 


Join us in our journey in creating a conscious, compassionate world.{Image}


Our Purpose


To create unique, high quality, ethically made, sustainable, vegan & cruelty free products for Consumers who want to make a difference



Our Mission


To transform and uplift as many lives as possible. Breaking cycles of poverty through education, training, employment and opportunity




We Are


A brand that ticks all the boxes. When you purchase Karuna Dawn, you can be 100% confident it is:


Vegan & Cruelty Free


     Ethically made


     Products are manufactured in fair trade environments


     Use of sustainable materials


     Drives social impact & social change


Every purchase empowers & supports women, marginalised and vulnerable people and helps to transform lives.




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