The hidden cost of designing

Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? And have you ever wondered what the hidden cost of designing is? Last year I saw a bikini being sold for a euro and I rolled my eyes so hard my head started to hurt. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t give in to the temptation to get their hands on that trendy t-shirt being sold for 2 Euros and that cute little skirt for 4? We are crazy about more for less that is why we often give to the temptation of renewing our entire wardrobe without feeling guilty because it won’t cost much.

 But what we tend to forget is the hidden cost of designing involved, the cost that no one is aware of but makes a hell lot of difference.
 That is why today I’d like to tell you what the real cost of designing is.

So basically, when we buy a cheap 2 euro shirt we are doing more than a tradeoff between the price and the quality but the worst part is how it’s harming our environment, basic human rights and security that sabotages sustainability. You see, this is getting out of hand, and we, as responsible consumers of the world have to do something about it.

It’s your time to shine by supporting a better and cleaner fashion industry while still look D R O P  D E A D  G O R G E O U S and how can we do that? Well the answer is guilt free ‘sustainable fashion.’

Now, what is sustainability? Sustainability means meeting the present needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs.

This means that both the environment and the rights of all the people involved in the manufacturing process must be taken in to consideration during all the stages of production.

Sustainable fashion brands try their best to keep the environment safe by minimizing waste by:

  1. Reusing leftover material or selling them so that other companies can make use of them
  2. Repairing clothing that cannot be sold because of some flaw
  3. Being eco friendly by using natural fibers
  4. Recycling

As a consumer, we make the decisions that matter and awareness is the first step towards change. I’m sure after having enough knowledge about the true cost of designing, we will think about our present and the future world that we want to live in.

Sustainable fashion is the way to go if we want to keep ourselves and our upcoming generations safe. By working together, we all can play a significant role in creating a clean future.

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